Handling All Aspects of Quality Management Programs

Quality Principles, LLC is a small yet very competent quality management firm serving the national and international transportation industry. We set up quality management programs to help our clients remain compliant with FTA regulations.


Our Founder

Anita McReynolds-Lidbury worked as a quality manager for transit programs for 18 years. Due to her excellence in the field, her client helped her set up her own firm in 2011.

This has helped her gain experience in working with international agencies, engineering, and large contractor clients.

After that, she worked in a full-time position on the West Coast. Her work consists of developing quality management programs for two agencies and helping them gain funds from the FTA.

All of this experience has led her to further exposure to the FTA and the PMOC program and consultants, making her extremely reliable in working with transit programs across the US.

What Makes Us Special

Quality Principles, LLC has a specialized background within the industry, which enables us to offer premier services for transit programs. Our quality management programs cover every aspect of design development and construction management.

We are also known for our experience in working with all parties of quality management programs like clients, contractors, and consultants. This allows our firm to provide unique perspectives that you may not get from other consultants.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Ethical
  • Compliance

Got Questions? Let’s Talk!

For more information and general concerns about our quality management programs, feel free to reach out to us.